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FBC-3000 series Bar Code Reader

Hand held scanner

FuzzyScan FBC-3000 series CCD bar code reader has set up a new standard as the best cost-effective data capture solution in the world. Equipped with innovative extend-range and low-power CCD scan engine, not only non-contact reading is made with minimised power consumption, but also provides 4 mil bar code capture capability.

With more than 200 sophisticated programmable parameters and the Universal Interface feature, one single unit of the FBC-3000 can work with more than 60 different host machines through various user-replaceable interface cable converters to meet any requirement. Unique NeuroFuzzy decoding engine drives FBC-3000 to perform fast and accurate scanning, even for the +/-200% distorted bar code images. Its superior readability gives great productivity to all data collection application.

thanks to the built in flash memory, field upgrade feature has made the FBC-3000 virtually always updated to ensure investment guarantee. The embedded DataWizard feature allows you to modify scanned data anyway you want, verify, insert, delete, replace, reorganize, or even repeat any data segment.

  • From high resolution contact reading to extended-range bar code capture capability
  • Extremely low, 45mA, power consumption for power-sensitive applications
  • Built-in flash memory for field upgrade to ensure investment guarantee
  • All in one universal host interface for more than 60 host machines, including USB , Notebook PC & IBM ThinkPad keyboard Direct-link
  • Capable of Automatic Caps-lock detection & Composed-key emulation
  • Unique NeuroFuzzy decoding engine for +/- 200% bar code image tolerance readability
  • Useful Windows utility, FuzzyScan PowerTool, capable of performing on-screen configuration, program upgrade, and on-line diagnosis
  • Embedded outstanding DataWizard to meet most data editing requirements