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MS6220 Pulsar hand held laser bar code scanner

Hand held scanner

Pulsar combines the high speed and accuracy of a laser scanner with the working range and price of a typical CCD.
With Pulsar, wider is better. When using contact CCDs, the width of the scan field is limited to the width of the face of the scanner requiring manufacturers to offer additional, wider models. Metrologic's Pulsar is one model that satisfies all applications. By using a laser, the width of the scan line grows as the bar code moves further away from the face giving Pulsar the ability to read the wide codes that similar sized CCD scanners are incapable of reading.

The high-visibility, 650-nm laser helps the operator line-up the bar code, thus making scanning bar codes easier in all lighting conditions. In addition, with a controlled 7.6cm (3") depth-of-field on 100% UPC bar codes, Pulsar is perfect for large retail applications where UPC/EAN bar codes are frequently scanned at less demanding, low-volume check-out areas or satellite cash registers.
As with all new Metrologic products, Pulsar is equipped with PowerLink user-replaceable cables, utilizes MetroSelect configuration bar codes and is MetrOPOS compatible.


  • Triggerless operation
  • Contact laser scanner
  • PowerLink user-replaceable cables
  • High visibility 650 nm VLD
  • MetroSelect™ configuration
  • MetrOPOS™ compatible